Top Home DIY Projects That You Need a Permit For

DIY projectIt can be a royal pain in the rear end when you find out that you need a permit to tackle some of those home DIY projects that you’ve been itching to do. It might feel like your city is trying to weasel their way into your privacy by dictating what you can or can’t change or fix in your house.

Before you get too anxious about it, the city have reasons why you would need a permit. When you get a permit, it means that you are going to have someone with the specific skills that are necessary to make sure there aren’t any mistakes in your plans before you start work. Unfortunately, if you do those projects before without a permit, you’re risking a big denial letter from your insurance company if something tragic happens to your home and you want to make a claim.

So, what are these projects that you’ll need a permit for? Keep reading and find out!

1. Installing a gas stove

A lot of people are making the switch from an electric stove to gas. Depending on what city you live in, gas could be your cheaper option—besides food always turns out better when cooked on a gas stove because you can control the temperature better. So why do you need a permit for this? If you install it wrong, the gas could leak and be extremely dangerous. With a permit, you are making sure someone is going to be checking behind you to make sure everything is done correctly.

2. Replacing any windows or doors

You might think that this is a pretty cut and dry DIY job, but the truth is you need a permit to make sure that all emergency egress requirements are met in case there’s an emergency and first responders need to break in. If the windows or doors aren’t put in place right, water could seep into the house and cause mold, which is a whole other can of worms you’d have to deal with!

3. Building a deck

There’s nothing as relaxing as sitting on your deck, sipping some wine and watching the sunset. Of course, you’ve got to build that deck first before you can do any of that. You’re going to need a permit to make sure the railings meet building codes, your deck is structurally sound, and the wood is treated to prevent decay.

4. Installing a fence

You’ll need a permit to make sure that you aren’t going to violate any city ordinances that determine how high you build your fence or prevent you from choosing a barbed-wire fence. If you do install one without a permit, you’re running a risk of getting a stop-work order.

5. Installing a safe room or storm shelter

Whether you are preparing for a natural disaster or a zombie apocalypse, you might want to install a safe room or storm shelter. As great as this is, you’re going to need a permit! Why? A permit will ensure that the safe room is built to FEMA specs, but it will also help first responders know that there is a safe room that they need to look for in case of an emergency.

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