Top 6 Real Estate Upgrades That Add Value And Cost Less Than $1,000

Real estate upgradesMaybe you’re looking to sell your house, you’re probably interested in getting the most bang for your buck. We have six of the best upgrades that add value to your home that won’t break the bank because they cost less than $1,000.

1. Add a water filtration system

By installing a whole-house water filtration system in your home, it’s a complete game changer. People want to drink clean water that is free of pollutants and chemicals, and when they see that your property has a filtration system in place, they will see it as a definite plus. By choosing this awesome upgrade that adds value, you (and possible buyers) can finally say goodbye to clunky plastic pitchers or buying bottled water!

2. Install a programmable thermostat

Did you know that simply heating your house accounts for over 40% of the total energy your house uses? As the second most important upgrade that adds value, a programmable thermostat can let you customize the temperature throughout the day. Why simply lowering the temperature at night or when no one is home can save a lot of money. Extra points if you have a Wi-Fi enabled thermostat, which can be controlled via smartphone or computer.

3. Upgrade the fixtures

Over time, the fixtures in your home can look worn and outdated. You would be surprised by how much of an overall improvement you’ll see in your home when you update things like light fixtures, handles on cabinets, new hardware for your cabinets, new faucets, and shower heads. These affordable upgrades that add value can make for a great weekend project. Best of all, it adds value to your home!

4. Replacing the toilet and reglazing the tub

These may seem like huge projects, but they can just be the very thing your home needs. Just imagine how potential homebuyers will react when they see a shiny new tub and that pristine porcelain throne. When you choose an eco-friendly toilet, that uses less water than other toilets. Homebuyers with a big family will definitely appreciate that!

5. Install new flooring

Flooring Liquidators usually sell a variety of high-quality tile, so why not start there. You can do one room at a time and, let’s say that if you have a small bathroom, for example, you can probably even splurge on some designer options! Oh, you should definitely save some money for a professional installation. Or, if you’re handy, you could install the flooring on your own!

6. Add new blinds or shutters

Do your windows still have that old-school verticle blind look, do you have the generic aluminum blinds, or are your outdoor shutters look weathered and ratty? Replacing these items are affordable upgrades that add value to your home, and they can give your home a whole new look. If you’re going for an upscale look, try installing plantation shutters because they really appeal to buyers who are looking for that modern look.

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