Things Your Landlord Wants You To Know

Landlord Wants You To KnowIn this crazy world of renting, the relationship you have with your landlord might be a little tricky. Naturally, the landlord wants whatever is best for their rental property, so there are a few things your darling landlord wants you to know:

1. Everyone comes out ahead when you read the lease

This might sound logical, but you’d be surprised by how many people never really read their lease. Sure, when you first look at it, it’ll seem like a lot of words that don’t make any sense. However, when you take the time to read through it, you can learn a lot of what your landlord expects from you, but you can also learn what you can expect from the landlord. When you know your rights and the rules, it’ll help you to avoid any issues that could become bigger problems down the road.

2. Landlords don’t want to spring late fees and returned check fees on you

One of the bigger things that landlords want you to know is that they actually don’t like charging you late fees or returned check fees. It doesn’t matter how much these fees are worth because it is more trouble than it’s worth to get that money from you. The bottom line is that they will charge you and if you don’t pay everything that is due, they can evict you, which sucks because they are losing a tenant and that steady income. Let’s not forget that when you consistently mismanage your money and rack up those fees, it’s going to cost a whole lot of money on your part! In other words, pay your rent on time and everything will be fine.

3. Pet stains will cost you much more than you think

We all love our pets and fortunately, many apartment complexes allow them. However, what landlords want you to know is that when Fido has an accident on that light tan carpet, it’s going to cost you a pretty penny to fix it. That little stain might seem little to you, but for a landlord, they are going to have to replace the carpet if they can’t get the stain out. If your apartment has hardwood flooring that’s been stained by urine, that’s going to cost you even more! Whatever flooring you have will cost, so it’s going cost you.

4. Your deposit is not your last month’s rent

Many landlords are now asking for first month’s and last month’s rent on top of a security deposit. This is a lot of money! Why do they do this? Because many people just assume that the security deposit will be the last month’s rent, which it is not. Landlords want you to know that your security deposit is intended to be used to fix any damages to the property that are there when you move out—it is not to cover that last month of rent. By refusing to pay that last month of rent but offering the security deposit instead, you run the risk of getting hit with an eviction notice as well as late rent fees, both of which could hurt your credit score.

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