Stop Doing These 5 Design Trends If You Want to Sell Your Home

Design trendsWhen we decorate our homes, we don’t do it with the intention of appealing to other people, we decorate according to what we like. The truth is, our homes are a reflection of who we are and our personalities. Unfortunately, this can backfire on us when we are trying to put your home on the market. Here are five design trends that will turn off potential buyers.

1. Bold colors on the walls.

Bad paint colors can turn off potential buyers quicker than you’d think. Fortunately, this is one of the quickest and cheapest things to fix. Living spaces that have multiple colors is a turn-off, as well as dated colors (mauve and hunter green come to mind), as well as metallic colors. Instead of being bold and bright, we suggest that you stick to neutral colors like grays, beige, off white, and the like. Most importantly, you should keep the color consistent throughout your house.

2. Shiny hardware and accessories.

One of the latest design trends going around right now is chrome, metallic, and other shiny finishes. These are nice for accent finishes, but it can get out of control. You might see a bunch of photos on Pinterest with kitchens that are decked out with plenty of brass, copper, and polished nickel, but it’s a good idea to stick with classic finishes (like brushed nickel). Most importantly is that you use these finishes as accent pieces, not a primary feature.

3. Open bathrooms.

Everyone is looking for that open floor plan in their homes, which is great. When the open floor plan is done right, it can make your home look amazing. However, when you make your bathroom open? It’s not that good of an idea; who really wants to be in bed and wake up to see their spouse showering steps away from the bed?

4. Converted rooms.

When you’re living in your home, it might make perfect sense for you to turn that spare bedroom into your yoga room. However, when you try to tell potential buyers that you have a dedicated yoga studio in your home but it is barely large enough to be called a bedroom, it isn’t going to bode well. The proportions of your room and how you are trying to market it means everything.

5. Wall to wall carpeting.

Some people would say that carpeting never went out of style. Soft and luxurious carpeting can feel like you’re walking on the clouds and it can be the easier flooring option regarding maintenance and keeping the house clean. However, a lot of home buyers will see wall to wall carpeting as a negative, even if it’s top of the line carpeting. Everyone nowadays wants hardwood flooring because it can work with any style and it adds value to the home.

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