How to Sell Your Home When You Work at Home

sell your homeSelling your home can be a challenge, but it can be even more challenging when your home is your office, too.

There’re a lot of folks who have ditched the office setting and have hunkered down at home to work, thanks to technology and telecommuting. As great as working from home can be, it does come with a few setbacks, especially when you are selling your home. When you are working from a for-sale house, it means constant interruptions from real estate agents, you have to keep everything clean at all times, and you have to be able to get out of the house with very little prior notice.

Here are some ways you can still work while selling your home.

1. Set up designated hours for open house hours and showing times

To save yourself a little bit of sanity, set specific times for conference calls, open houses, and showing times. This will give you a chance to schedule your work habits around your real estate agent. Keep in mind that by placing restrictions on when your real estate agent can show your house will greatly limit how many people come by. Consider using the “scarcity principle.” This means if you deny access at certain times, it will force potential buyers who are serious about your home to really make that effort to see your home when it is available.

2. Keep your office area neat

Not only does selling your home mean that you have to keep your entire clean, but it also means that you have to keep your office clean too. It can be a challenge, especially when you’re in the middle of a huge project. However, if your office has a lot of clutter in your office, you might want to cull through it all and determine what you absolutely need and what you can get rid of.

3. Relocate

There will be times when you can’t deny your real estate agent from showing your home. You could stay in your office and wave when a potential buyer comes through, but that’s just awkward. Instead, find a coffee shop, bookstore, or even a library that has Wi-Fi access. You can pack up, plug in elsewhere, and still get your work done. Plus, you have access to some delicious coffee (if you’re at the coffee shop). It’s always a good idea to keep your work stuff all together in case you have to change locations quickly.

4. Learn how to deal with constant interruptions from your agent

It can be really stressful when your real estate agent constantly blows up your phone. It’s usually a welcome experience when you’re selling your home. After all, it means buyers are interested.  But when you’re trying to meet a deadline at work, your enthusiastic agent could become an annoyance. Talk with your agent about when you want to be contacted and what sort of things you want to be reached for. If a potential buyer would like to see your home in the next two hours, your agent will have to let you know, even if it means interrupting your work. But feedback from the showings can wait until after work.

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