How Rental Terms Can Reveal What’s Popular in Each State

Rental termsPotential home buyers in Arkansas and Washington, D.C. are interested in finding retail with their rental homes. Landlords who are posting listings in D.C. are more likely to include the “Starbucks” in the listing. The phrase, “close to Walmart” is 54% more likely to appear in an Arkansas listing than anywhere else in the US.

Renters in New Hampshire aren’t interested in either of these things in their listings. What are they looking for? They are more interested in technology, which is why “USB Port” is 287 times more likely to appear in a rental listing. Other states that focus on technology include Oregon, where “free WiFi” is sought after. “Google fiber” is incredibly popular in Missouri.

In California, landlords are more likely to show off their fruit trees. If you’re in Colorado, you can bet that rentals with a particular five leafed plant that Mary Jane plants herself (wink wink). Renters who are looking for a place in Illinois that are interested in finding a place where they can relax and have fun outside look for listings with “forest preserve” in their listing.

New York rentals that go fast are more likely to have a listing that states there is “closet space,” which is no surprise considering how small some NYC apartments can be. However, people in North Carolina could care less about indoor space, as they are more interested in finding something with plenty of “outside storage.”

Landlords in New Mexico who are listing a rental property make sure that they list if their property has a fireplace—extra points go to them if “kiva fireplace” is specified. Wisconsin renters, on the other hand, still like hot stuff, but they prefer “gas grill” so they can make some delicious food.

Here’s a complete list of what terms are the best sellers in all 50 states.

1. Alabama – Central Cooling

2. Alaska – Heated Garage

3. Arizona – RV Gate

4. Arkansas – Close to Walmart

5. California – Fruit Tree

6. Colorado – Marijuana

7. Connecticut – Slider Deck

8. Delaware – Snow Removal

9. DC – Starbucks

10. Florida – Screened Patio

11. Georgia – Trey Ceiling

12. Hawaii – Large Lanai

13. Idaho – Automatic Sprinkler

14. Indiana – Sauna

15. Iowa – Picnic area

16. Kansas – Garages

17. Kentucky – Grill Station

18. Louisiana – Shotgun Style

19. Maine – Heat Oil

20. Maryland – Basement Walkout

21. Massachusetts – Commuter Rail

22. Michigan – Brick Bungalow

23. Minnesota – Season Porch

24. Mississippi – Bedroom Carpet

25. Missouri – Google Fiber

26. Montana – Single car garage

27. Nebraska – Ferret

28. Nevada – Guard gate

29. New Hampshire – USB Port

30. New Jersey – Major Highway

31. New Mexico – Kiva Fireplace

32. New York – Closet Space

33. North Carolina – Outside Storage

34. North Dakota – Gas Furnace

35. Ohio – Shaker

36. Oklahoma – Storm Shelter

37. Oregon – Free Wi-Fi

38. Pennsylvania – Bi-Level Apartment

39. Rhode Island – Double Parlor

40. South Carolina – Porch Overlook

41. South Dakota – Single Stall Garage

42. Tennessee – Movie Theater

43. Texas – Game Room

44. Utah – Ski Resort

45. Vermont – Farmhouse

46. Virginia – Pentagon

47. Washington – Eat-in Bar

48. West Virginia – Pets Allowed

49. Wisconsin – Gas Grill

50. Wyoming – Snow Removal

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