Podcast Review: How to Sell More Houses Podcast

how to sell more housesAs one of the leading voices within the Real Estate Industry for the past 20 1years, Scot Kenkel offers sound advice and interesting training programs to anyone who is willing to learn. Scot doesn’t believe in sugar coating things and he doesn’t go for theatrics. If you want to listen to a man who knows what he’s talking about and have plenty of relevant information to share, you don’t want to miss his podcast on iTunes and also visit his website How to Sell More Houses

First off, a let’s talk a little more about Scot. He is a nationally recognized speaker for the real estate industry and the founder and chief learning expert for the Success Learning Institute, LLC. He’s also written several ebooks:

  • Real Estate Success Strategies
  • How to List and Sell for Sale by Owners: The Undisputed How-To Guidebook for Quickly Learning to Painlessly List for Sale by Owners
  • HOW TO LIST AND SELL “Short Sales”
  • The Real Estate Agent’s Guide to Working with Fsbos: The Undisputed How-To Guidebook for Learning How to List and Sell More Fsbo’s

When it comes to the podcast, there is something that is quite relaxing about listening to the episodes. Maybe it’s his low-key voice or the relaxing background music at the beginning that create a nice ambiance. Whatever it is, it’s an enjoyable program that offers a good variety of information.

The information he provides can be used for real estate agents of all experience levels. What is unique about Scot’s podcast is that while there are a lot of podcasts available on iTunes, you may not find one where you can call him 24/7 to get answers to any questions you might have. That sort of connection is unprecedented among businesses, let alone trainers who have busy careers to contend with as well.

As for the topics he discusses, it’s a nice variety of information that people want answers to. For example:

  • Marketing 101 – He talks about the how many different ways you can market your business and why it is important to stay in touch with people in a way that is warm and friendly. He also discusses why you should target people who are already considering moving and how you can move in to get their business.
  • Why Should a Buyer or Seller Hire You – In this episode, he shares what a USP (Unique selling proposition) is and why it is important to have a compelling one in order to get a client. As a real estate agent, you are your business and if you don’t have an answer when someone asks why they should hire you, you aren’t going to get very far! By having a good USP, you’re more likely to get clients and have the success you’ve been searching for.

The typical episode lasts about 30 minutes and you can be sure that within that allotted time frame, he packs as much information in there as possible. You can listen to the podcast on your commute to work or just while you’re getting ready in the morning. Although he doesn’t post consistently, he does have 102 episodes for you to check out.

We’re sure that  information you get from the How to Sell More Houses podcast will be a favorite of yours as it is a favorite of ours.

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