Real Estate Marketing Dude Podcast Review-Real Estate Investing Tips

Real Estate Marketing DudeMike Cuveas is the host of this podcast.He gives practical real estate investing tips based on his experience and those of his interviewees.

Real Estate Investing Tips-Creating a Brand

In one of his episodes titled,” You can’t Attract Business without a Brand,” he interviewed Alexandra Courson. They talked about how branding is essential for success in the real estate. People need to keep their brands simple. Having a logo is important as it reflects their brand. Every notable company has a signature logo. It makes it stand out. People are best placed to remember your real estate business if they saw a logo. One of the ways to create a powerful and captivating brand is using your personal story. It moves people to relate to you through your experiences.

When creating a brand, ensure that you know your audience. This will enable you to make your brand engaging to them. Branding entails taking a complex matter and presenting it in a simple way.

Customer Service

In the episode titled, “From rookie to Rockstar in 3 years”, Mike interviews Zandra. They talked about real estate investing tips. Zandra shared how she moved from being a newbie to a top ranking real estate agent. The first tip she gives is customer service. She points out that real estate is all about excellent customer service. She encourages people investing in real estate to polish their customer service skills. In addition, they should be conversant with new service techniques even if they have to undergo training. After that, they should implement them.

Marketing is also another important aspect. Zandra shares that she utilizes social media to market her business. It is one of the real estate investing tips that she endorses especially in generating leads.

It is also vital to specialize when investing in real estate. It does not pay to be a general practitioner. Specializing enables one to define their brand.

The last of the real estate investing tips that Zandra shared in this episode is cultivating client relationships.Customer service should apply in these relationships. Strive to leave a great impression every time and always find the time to check on all your clients.

Real Estate Investing Tips-What You Should Do To Market Your Business

In episode 3 of 2016, Mike talks about real estate investing tips that every investor should do especially with regard to marketing.

They include:

  • Create a lot of listings. This is essential, especially with sales. More listings could translate to more sales. A good way to create winning listings is by employing the internet and technology.
  • Generate leads from multiple systems. The secret to having more leads is by generating them from various sources. Such sources include blogs, online videos, Facebook ads, and emails. Always have a mechanism to track and respond to these leads once they start trickling in.

In episode 5, Mike gives real estate investing tips that will ensure you are not forgotten. The episode largely talks about referral systems and their value. Encourage people to refer your real estate business. People like giving referrals because of the acknowledgment they get from recommending someone. Thus, you can utilize this to give your business some recognition.

This podcast indeed has a lot to share on real estate investing tips. Listen to it for more insight.

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