Norris Group Real Estate Radio Review – Real Estate Investor Websites

Real Estate Investor WebsitesWhen you venture into real estate as an investor, one asset that is sure to aid you is a website. Real estate investor websites are bound to give you numerous leads and deals. It provides an excellent platform for marketing. When compared to other marketing methods, it is relatively convenient and easy to manage. It is also not time-consuming as most methods. It enables you to look for leads both actively and inactively. This is to say that you can even generate leads when you are asleep.

On another angle, real estate investor websites also help you to build credibility. When you are visible in the online space, more people can connect with you.

The Norris Group Real Estate Podcast has some great insights on how to utilize real estate investor websites. The show hosts are Bruce and Aaron.

In episode 545, they are joined by Mike and Randy. Randy has been in the real estate sector since 1977 while Mike, his son, joined the business in 2002. They ventured into auctioning as a marketing method. They point out many benefits with the auctioning method. The hosts discuss more with them on the underlying reasons for integrating auctions into their real estate business. Real estate investor websites could greatly enhance the auctioneering method. With the site, one can post as many items that are in the auction. Many people can look up properties that are up for auction. This improves the efficiency of the business while attracting numerous leads.

In episode 541, the hosts are joined by Rob Hahn. He is the managing partner and founder of 7DS Associates. Rob has a diverse background. He is well versed in corporate law, finance, media, entertainment, and technology. He is famous for his well-performing blog, the Notorious R.O.B where he shares content relating to real estate technology. Aaron and Rob talk more about the impact of technology on the industry. They indulge in conversations about the value of real estate investor websites. Rob gives practical tips on how to deal with real estate data, how to add MLS and CMLS listings to real estate investor websites. They also discuss’s rankings and also Zillow, which are both important real estate investor websites. Every aspiring investor should take a look at the organization of these two websites.

In episode 539 of the Norris Group Real Estate Radio Podcast, Realtor Andrea Jennings is the guest. She has vast experience with investors, buyers, and sellers. She developed an interest in being an investor after operating her own successful real estate business. Andrea and the hosts talk about the different quadrants of the market and how to determine them. They even point out the years that these quadrants changed.

In conclusion, real estate investor websites are great tools for marketing property. Every investor should strive to invest in them. Successful real estate investors have vouched for them as great lead generation tools. They have also increased the outreach, visibility, and credibility of real estate businesses.

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