Real Estate Investing Mastery Podcast Review- Wholesale Real Estate Investing

Wholesale Real Estate InvestingWholesale real estate investing has been pictured as a great way to make money in the real estate sector. It’s normally regarded as one of the less capital-intensive ways of getting into the real estate business. Other circles say that wholesaling doesn’t make you that rich, but it teaches you a lot about the real estate business.

Well, this podcast by Joe McCall is sure to provide you with the inner workings of wholesale real estate investing. Joe has a special spot for wholesaling, but he gives a wholesome consideration on all aspects of real estate investing.

So What Exactly Is Wholesale Real Estate Investing?

It involves investor’s actions of buying property under the framework of a contract and later selling the bought property or the contract as swiftly as possible. The buyer of such a property is normally an investor who has interests in fixing the property and later renting it out. The buyer might also have the ultimate motive of flipping the property.

Essentials of Wholesale Real Estate Investing

In order to be successful in this wholesale real estate investing business, an investor has to acquire the real estate at bottom low prices so that the ultimate buyer can make a significant profit.

It’s required that you check with state laws before you embark on wholesaling properties. You also have to be extra vigilant in the assignment of contracts on houses because states could consider that as performing duties of a real estate agent. This is true since they consider any buying or selling of houses as practicing real estate. Hence, there is a need for you to check the state laws.

Virtual Wholesaling

Episode 184 of this podcast gives an exciting story of two missionaries; Josh and Jess Davis. They are based in Africa and are reaping big from virtual wholesaling. They are flipping houses like no one’s business in the United States while still in Africa. They are able to do this owing to virtual wholesaling. They concentrate on three markets in the U.S, and they average about 3-4 deals monthly.

The Automated Wholesaling Program

In episode 174, Joe announces a new automated wholesaling program that is poised to revolutionize the wholesale real estate investing business. He launches it as part of his coaching package. He shares that he used the system for making deals virtually when he was out of the country. He wants others to benefit from the system too hence the reason he launched it. Listen in to this episode to get details of both versions of the program.

Wholesale Lease Options

Still under this podcast is a series of episodes with the topic of wholesale lease options. In part one, he advises on how to find those homeowners that are willing to sell with a lease option. Part two goes on to advise on how to engage with such a seller. Part three advice on how to get a tenant buyer for the property. It goes further to share the methods one can advertise in order to attract such buyers.

In conclusion, the Real Estate Investing Mastery Podcast has a lot of practical value especially in the aspect of wholesale real estate investing. Tune in today and listen to some awesome tips that you can apply!

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