The Fundamentals of a Real Estate Agent Career

Real Estate Agent Career If you want a rewarding and lucrative career, then being a real estate agent might just be the right choice. The career has recently been shown in many channels in a limelight that portrays a fast-paced and exciting line of work. The general perception of a real estate agent career across many divides is that one requires to be a salesman. However, as this article will show, there is more to being a real estate agent than just being a salesman. In fact, those who are in the real estate career have different sets of skills and have backgrounds in diverse disciplines and sectors.

The general motivation of people who venture into a real estate agent career is that of helping people make the best decision in purchasing the property. This decision is normally considered as the largest financial decision in many people’s lives.

For others, the independence and self-sufficiency that a real estate agent career brings is the motivating factor. One gets to be their own boss and be able to have full control over their schedules and businesses.

Prerequisites when Choosing a Real Estate Agent Career

The initial step when getting into a real estate agent career is licensing. This requires taking a state or national real estate course. Most of these courses are conducted in a classroom set-up. However, with modern day dynamics, online and virtual instruction is being embraced. Thus, one can choose either route. An examination is normally administered at the end of the course, and upon successful completion, one can associate themselves with a brokerage company.

The second step is usually finding a broker. This needs dedicated time to research and sieve out the many brokers that are in the industry. An objective way to undertake this would be arranging actual meetings with potential brokers while still doing your licensing tutorials to lessen the time taken after passing your exam. The key values that you will be looking for in a broker should be:

  • Training capability and assistance
  • Technological tools

Also, be sure to know how much they are going to charge you in terms of association fees.

Pros and Cons of a Real Estate Agent Career


There are many benefits of being in a real estate agent career. First, your income is limitless. Nothing limits your income except for your work ethic and skills. Thus, it comes off as lucrative. Secondly, you become an independent contractor. This gives you more control over your business. Thirdly, work shifts away from the traditional office space. Most of your work interactions will be outdoors and in diverse locations hence adding to the better quality of work.


Just like any other business and career, being in a real estate agent career has some setbacks. First, it requires you to dedicate time to learn the workings of the industry. This is mostly done individually. No one can entirely help you in this regard. You just have to learn the business on your own. Secondly, you are not immune to the recessions of the industry. At times, it can also take long to reach the ‘boom’ periods hence causing frustrations. Thirdly, it has been observed that there is a high rate of failure among new agents. However, this is not an argument against the career but an objective presentation of expectations. Lastly, risks and liabilities come part and parcel with the career. You would just have to absorb, transfer or lessen their impacts.

In conclusion, a real estate agent career is indeed a great choice for anyone who wants to pursue it. This article has given an objective look at what you will expect in the career to guide your decision to pursue the career.

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