Podcast Review: Real Estate UNCUT

Podcast Review Real Estate UNCUTFor your daily dose of real estate information from some of the top performing agents, mentors, and leaders within the real estate industry, how could you not tune into Real Estate UNCUT on iTunes? The daily episodes last anywhere between 5 to 15 minutes and they are perfect for that morning ride into the office on your Bluetooth device.

The show’s host, Kevin Turner, is a leading independent property commentator in Australia as well as a licensed real estate agent. Kevin has been part of the real estate business and radio industry for many years. He joined up with Robert Bevan as well as numerous other experts in the business to share their experience on how to thrive in the real estate industry. When you’re listening to Kevin’s podcast show, you can count on information that is current and incredibly useful.

Remember how we mentioned that he joined up with numerous other experts in the business? Some of those experts include:

  • John McCloskey, who discusses why when you are getting involved with your employees (because you will have people working for you one day) you need to have a career path for new hires that is on a progression program. He also recommends that you ask current employees their commitment level to the business.
  • Michael Sheargold, who discusses productivity points such as how you can manage the stuff that needs to be addressed right away and also how you can prioritize (and maybe even get rid) of items on that infinite to-do list that continue to grow.
  • Peter Hutton, who talks about brand positioning and how you can set your brand apart from the rest. Here’s a hint, you need to have a unique selling proposition, and he tells you how you can do that!
  • Matt Ciallella, who shares insight on how to determine how much your rent roll is worth and how to get a higher average commission. He also shares information on why you are selling your rent roll in the first place.

Of course, this is just a small selection of the special guests Kevin talks to. If you aren’t familiar with some of these guests and want to find information regarding topics, the podcast covers a gamut of topics that any real estate agent might inquire about.

Some of these topics include:

  • Technology and Social Media where you can find discussions on:
    • How get your message heard on social media with Adrian D’Amico.
    • How to become a master marketer with special guests Glen Twiddle and Peter Gilchrist.
  • Leadership where you can find discussions on:
    • How to turn your small real estate agency into a larger and more attractive brand.
    • Why it is important not to lose your groove and continue connecting with clients.
  • Property Management where you can find discussions on:
    • Finding out what your clients are buying and how to sell a rent roll.
    • How to find the right people who are interested in actually buying property.

All of these topics and so much more can be found when you tune into Real Estate UNCUT on iTunes. Give it a shot; the episodes are short and to the point, so what have you got to lose?

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