Podcast Review: Real Estate Coaching Radio

Real Estate Coaching RadioWhile we would like to bring you podcasts that all receive rave reviews, sometimes we come across podcasts that leave little to be desired. Case in point, Real Estate Coaching Radio, hosted by Tim and Julie Harris, which can be found on iTunes. Now, don’t get us wrong, there is a lot of information covered in the podcast, but like some of the comments listed in the review section of their podcast page, we found the podcast lacking in one way or another.

For a little background on the Harris’ before we go into the actual review of the podcast:

For the past 20 years, Tim and Julie have been sought after as real estate coaches and are considered to be the top producing agents. The pair started their real estate career in their 20s and during their very first year as a realtor, they sold 100 homes. They would go on to write their first book, 0 to 10 Million in One Year. The book did well, and they created a team and expanded their company, making them one of the most successful real estate teams in the Columbus, Ohio area.

The Real Estate Coaching Radio podcast runs daily, and it can be listened to by real estate agents and brokers all over the country. The Harris’ focus on bringing news stories within the industry as they break as well as coaching and training advice, interviews with knowledgeable industry leaders and even vendors.

Now, let’s get into why this particular podcast isn’t quite the greatest available.

The most obvious infraction you’ll notice is that the audio quality of the podcast is reminiscent of an old radio show, rather than that of the clear podcast shows that you may be used to. Some may say that this is in keeping with the name of the show (Real Estate Coaching Radio) but others feel like it takes away from the overall impression you get. After all, if you are portraying yourselves as real estate coaches, you’ll want to sound as professional as possible, right?

You’ll notice that as you listen to their show, the episodes run between 30 to 45 minutes. This is fine and well, as most podcasts do run that long. However, it seems like they have topics that have two part episodes and part one is posted today and the second part will be aired tomorrow. For some, this probably will not seem like a problem, but because the couple tends to go off topic quite a bit, the episodes could be condensed so that all the information fits into one episode. It can be irritating when you want to get useful information, but instead, you have to sit through idle chit-chat before they finally get to that coveted information!

With the strikes against them, we feel that the information they do provide is pretty solid—if you are new to the business and need somewhere to start. Much of this information is a little outdated and scattered, but it can still be helpful—if you don’t mind listening to the rambling.

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