Podcast Review: Agent Marketing Syndicate

Podcast Review: Agent Marketing SyndicateMeet the man, the myth, the legend, Ryan Fletcher from Agent Marketing Syndicate. In his podcast which is accessible through iTunes here, he sheds light on an unfortunate truth. What truth might that be? According to him, real estate agents aren’t the entrepreneurs that “The Guru Party” would lead you to believe.

What is this “Guru Party” you ask? It is a collective of trainers, brokers, and coaches who teach everyday people what it means to be a real estate agent. To Ryan, it is because of these people that society looks down on real estate agents. That is the very reason why he created his podcast. He wants to help people see the blinding message The Guru Party would have you believe. This means that instead of believing that to make it in the real estate business, you have to beg, hunt, and do demean things just to have a modicum of success in this profession.

A true entrepreneur knows no limits and with Ryan’s insightful (albeit use of explicit language, so be sure to wear your headphones if you’re listening at work) commentary, you’ll aspire to be something more.

Let’s talk a little bit about Ryan. Ryan first got into real estate when he wasn’t able to get into medical school. When he started this new career path, he quickly grew frustrated because he only sold two homes in his first year and had to work at UPS part-time to make enough money to survive. This was the point where Ryan took matters into his hands and pioneered a brand new approach to attracting clients by creating something of exceptional value for his clients. This incredible discovery led him to earn a whopping 2100% increase in his annual income—boosting that paltry $8,846.32 in the first year in the business to an amazing $182,972 in the second year. Now you might think he worked his tail off to achieve such success, but he didn’t. He worked only a few hours and never on the weekends. So, needless to say, he was on to something great!

Fast forward to 2010; Ryan moved his family to Vancouver, Washington with the birth of his son. This is where Agent Marketing Syndicate was born. With this company, he consults, trains, and works with real estate agents with an entrepreneurial mind. He teaches the agents who come to him to never speak to anyone until they know that you are someone.

When you tune into Ryan’s podcast, you’ll get a look at the real estate business through whole new eyes. He’ll show you how to focus your energy on regaining control over your time, your life, and of course, your income through superior marketing and implementing unique positioning strategies. If you are looking for a wealth of information and entertainment, you won’t be disappointed because the typical show runs anywhere between 45 minutes to an hour, sometimes more, and sometimes less. The shows are posted on a weekly basis, so you’re never missing out on valuable information.

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