Pass the Real Estate Exam with Prep Agent Podcast Review – Real Estate Agent Course

Real Estate ExamThe real estate market is becoming ever competitive. Real estate agents, realtors, and investors need all the leverage that they can get to stay ahead in this market. This has moved many to undertake a real estate course to gain the upper hand and expand their skills and knowledge in the sector. This article will give you a glimpse into what you can expect in a real estate agent course with insights from Pass the Real Estate Exam with Prep Agent podcast. You can learn how to ace your real estate exam form this podcast.

The podcast host is Joe Juter. In one of the episodes, he gives the top 10 real estate exam questions you could find in a real estate course. Some of these questions are:

  • What is a mortgage?
  • What should be included in a mortgage clause?
  • What terminates an offer to buy a real estate property?
  • How does an agency agreement come to life?
  • Who holds an estate in real estate?
  • Who is a trustee of a property?
  • Who is a life tenant?

Joe delves into the Lien theory and Title theory in one of his episodes. These are common theories in a real estate agent course. Lien means you owe money. In the title theory, the lender holds legal title to the property. The borrower, in turn, holds equitable title to the property; which makes him/her live in the property and make improvements to it.They get to enjoy the benefits as the property’s real owner. The borrower can get the legal title when he/she has fully paid the loan. In case of default payment, the lender can do a foreclosure. In lien theory though, it is hard for the lender to foreclose since the borrower owns the home. The lien is the protection that the lender has in case there is a default in payment.

Joe defines a real estate agent in another episode. Most people doing the real estate course fail to distinguish between being a real estate agent and being a realtor, broker, salesperson, and sales agent. They use these titles interchangeably. However, Joe gives a key distinction which anyone doing a real estate agent course should know. A real estate agent is a sales agent who works under a licensed broker. An agent represents a principal who could be the buyer, seller, tenant or landlord. A realtor, on the other hand, works under the association of the board of realtors. If one is not part of this association, then they are not a realtor. A broker has taken further education than an agent and has passed the brokers licensing exam. They could work alone or could hire agents to work under them.

Well, enrolling for a real estate course is the best thing that you could do to have an edge in the industry. It will polish up your skills and increase your working knowledge. The Pass the Real Estate Exam with Prep Agent podcast can let you have a feel of the real estate agent course content and examination.

Before you become a licensed real estate agent, studying a real estate agent course is a prerequisite. There are many accredited institutions including universities and colleges offering real estate agent courses. You can choose a mode of learning that is convenient for you as they provide flexible modes of learning such as online learning, evening classes, and day classes.

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