The Million Dollar Agent Podcast Review – Online Real Estate School

Online real estate schoolIf you want to advance your skills in real estate, joining a real estate school is a great place to start. Top real estate agents and other parties in the real estate sector have found immense value in real estate schools. Investors too are becoming increasingly interested in real estate training. This has prompted them even to join online real estate schools where they can advance their knowledge on the sector.

The million dollar agent podcast gives essential tips which you can learn in an online real estate school.

Little Things that Make a Big Difference

In episode 172, the hosts John McGath, Tom Panos and Troy Malcolm indulge listeners on the little things in real estate that make a difference. Most people in the real estate industry are uncomfortable with buyers. This is always the situation when trying to make conversations with them. Good agents make use of interpersonal skills to buildmemorable customer experiences.

Online Real Estate School Lessons-The Ability to Build Trust

In episode 168, they covered the topic of building customer trust. They emphasized that people like to deal with people that they can trust. Also, when it comes to listings, people are more endeared to those that look trustworthy. As a real estate agent or practitioner, people can follow your advice and accept your professional help only if they can trust you. It doesn’t matter how many years you’ve been in business.

Various agents possess different skills in the real estate industry. However, the core skills are what makes a difference for you and your career. An improvement in these core skills can have a significant impact on your overall business. Trust and rapport building are part of these core skills. Thus, the element of trust is key in real estate dealings. People can gauge your intentions in the first instance of interaction. It is essential that you make the impression that you are out to make them comfortable. Focus on what’s in it for the customer. Doing this can guarantee business in the long term.

Traits of Successful Agents

In episode 160, the main topic of discussion was the traits of successful agents. This is one of the topics that an online real estate school would cover in their curriculum. They deliberated on the quality of resilience. It is true that all is not rosy in the real estate industry. There are bound to be times of distress, low work volumes or low sales. A real estate agent has to be prepared to face these low situations. They can do this effectively by cultivating the trait of resilience. This will enable them to bounce back once they are hit with any calamity in their line of work.

In conclusion, choosing to expand your knowledge on real estate matters is a smart choice. You can join an online real estate school to learn some of the fine values that have been discussed in the Million Dollar agent podcast. They are sure to make you have the edge over others in the industry.

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