How to Build Wealth and Passive Income via Rental Properties Podcast Review

Passive income in rental propertiesMost real estate investors would jump on the chance to own several rental units, probably fifty or even a hundred of them. This huge number of units will guarantee an investor wealth and also passive income. However, how do you go about it?

The show’s hosts, Josh Dorkin and Brandon Turner had an impressive real estate investors list on the show to look at this topic. The investors are Ben Leybovich, Brian Burke, and Serge Shukhat. This real estate investor list is considered impressive because the guests are successful investors when it comes to matters real estate. Ben Leybovich has invested in multifamily residential homes since 2006 and is a licensed realtor and author. Brian Burke has over 25 years’ experience in real estate investing and has completed over 500 single family unit flips. On the other hand, Serge is another successful real estate investor with extensive knowledge in tax law and has focused on mid sized multifamily units. You can access this podcast by clicking here.

Buy and Hold Forever

As the show progresses, the three gentlemen go on to introduce themselves and talk about the importance of holding to properties in the long run so as to provide income. Ben is a strong supporter of this idea. However, Brian talks about viewing real estate as a sequence of opportunities and looking for that which can work in a given area at a particular time, instead of holding on to it forever. In spite of this, he goes on to mention that he has around 40 units that he may utilize as his retirement plan. Serge, on the other hand, mixes the two although he deals with long term flips that range from between 1 to 4 years.

Strategies for Buying and Holding Rental Properties

These three gentlemen have different strategies for this process. Ben begins by looking at the Midwest American market that’s characterized by a declining population. He goes on by saying that turn-key is popular in the states of Kentucky, Indiana, and Ohio because you can purchase a property for around $15k to $20k, give it a face lift and sell it at about $50k.

For Brian, he focuses on multifamily properties across the country that have 100 or more units, where prices range from $35k to $75 each unit depending on things like location. He however also deals in single family units in California where he resides.

Serge is based in Phoenix which is a cyclical market with a steady population growth rate. He goes on to say that when he bought houses in metro Phoenix, they were going for around $40k to $100k and rentals between $700 and $1,400. However, nowadays they range between $90k and $250k.

Finally, the show concludes by these guys from this notable real estate investors list talking about the positives of investing in real estate, whereby they agree that it’s the best way to control your path to wealth accumulation as long as you can withstand the pressure.

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