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real estate investing podcastHave you ever been in a situation with a client where you have poured all you have into  making something work for them only to find yourself running head on into a wall of disappointment for both you and your prospective buyer?  Although this is a disheartening reality that we all must face as real estate agents, it doesn’t mean that all is lost or the end is near.  We simply have to learn how to face these kinds of trials and learn how to pick up the pieces and not beat ourselves up!  In this review of this Honest Real Estate Agentwhich can be found aniTunes too.

In this podcast, hosted by Mario Jannatpour, Mario offers a short episode to encourage agents to not blame themselves when things go wrong for clients and say “It’s not my fault.”

Mario says one of the hardest parts of being a realtor is dealing with the disappointment and emotional toil that we go through as sellers with our buyers.  We invest ourselves and our emotions into our buyers because we are service oriented and as a result we blame ourselves!

Some helpful points that Mario makes in the podcast:

  • Don’t beat yourself up – you won’t enjoy your job! If you are living and dying on every potential customer, it will be a very hard road to be on.
  • Be sorry it happened but don’t take accountability for bad things when it happens because we have nothing to do with it.
  • Focus on what you can control. Don’t let your customers make you feel bad. Don’t put it on yourself.
  • Don’t try to manipulate any situation – let your buyers make their own decisions! This will help!
  • Say “It’s not my fault!” Repeat it to yourself.
  • To obtain Mario’s list of 10 Coping Tips for Dealing With Disappointment, text SEASON to 33444 for a PDF copy.

Mario also has some courses found at Honest Courses.  Here can be found his training online courses available to realtors.

  • One course will help you as a new realtor from day 1! 75-80% of agents don’t make it past their first year.  The biggest reason is the lack of preparation. Only $39 for a 10 module, 10 video course that will be helpful.
  • He also has another course called the Buyer Course which is for first and second year realtors. This course helps realtors learn to help their buyers from the first time you meet them until closing.
  • Real Estate Mastery Summit is a course with 34 top agents/coaches/experts who share their tips on how to help you improve your business and your life.

Mario wraps up by sharing that if you control your emotions and focus on what you control, and let it slide off your back, you can have a long term and fulfilling career as a realtor!

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