Hold That House: Real Estate Podcast Review

hold that houseThe Hold That House podcast on iTunes is ran by Matt Andrews and Matt Theriault. The duo created the podcast with the belief that while you can get rich flipping houses, you can amass wealth by holding them. In their podcast, you’ll learn a variety of tips and tricks, hear stories from the pair and gain insight on useful strategies on how to get wealthy in the real estate business.

Let’s talk about the Matt’s first for a little bit.

Matt Andrews is a real estate investor, a growth hacker, film producer, entrepreneur, as well as a #1 bestselling author. He’s known for the book series, “Real Estate Investor’s Guide,” the Real Estate Freedom Podcast, plus he is the co-founder of The Insiders: Real Estate Investment Training. He’s appeared on CNN.com, Forbes.com, ABC News, and countless other media venues.

Matt Theriault is the man behind EpicRealEstate.com and the popular real estate investment podcast, EpicRealEstateInvesting.com. He’s been in the business since 2003 and after he created a small real estate dynasty without using a penny of his own money or relying on his own credit, he discovered that people like him could produce awesome results through a simplified system. He believes that with his knowledge and experience, he could offer people who want to be successful, actually become successful thanks to the concept of “multiple streams of passive income.”

The podcast hasn’t been updated since January 2016, but with 30 episodes that run between 15 to 30 minutes in length, you are going to find a wealth of information. Some examples of topics that are discussed in the episodes include:

  • Episode 29: How to Raise Rents – This topic tells you the two ways that you can raise rent and maximize the profit in your portfolio.
  • Episode 27: Where to Find the Deals – This topic tells you what you should be looking for when looking for incredible deals on real estate without a huge gamble.
  • Episode 24: When to Sell – If you have a property that you have been holding on to for a while, you might want to tune into this particular episode to learn when you should sell, if ever.

It isn’t all tips and tricks though with these guys. Life in real estate isn’t all peaches and sunshine—it can be pretty stressful, and the Matt’s share some of their experiences within the industry so that you are aware of what could happen while in the business.

  • Episode 18: Biggest Holding Horror Stories – In this episode, you’ll hear some of the horror stories the pair has experienced when holding a property. These stories include a dead team member, a near-death squatter, and losing over $500k!
  • Episode 5: Things Matt Theriault Wishes He Knew –This episode, Matt T. explains what lessons he wishes he knew before he got into this business and how one mistake cost him half of a million dollars!
  • Episode 4: Things Matt Andrews Wishes He Knew – Matt A. discusses some of the harder lessons he had to learn about the business.

We feel that if you’re new to real estate and want to get in on the business, this is certainly a podcast you might want to add to your playlist.

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