Flipping Junkie Podcast Review-Real Estate Investing Websites

Real Estate Investing WebsitesHas the thought of getting a real estate investing website crossed your mind? Well, the value that such websites have are enormous. Danny Johnson, through his Flipping Junkie podcast, shares the tips of how you can land a great real estate investing website.

It’s not that Danny is always on the computer screen. In fact, he shares in episode 66 how he steps away from the computer not only to spend moments with his family but also to clear his head.

But anyway, Danny places a high value on the online space. In episode 58, he indulges listeners to basics of Search Engine Optimization and content marketing. This is what makes the bulk of real estate investing websites. In this episode, you are sure to find out why Danny refrained from building real estate investing websites with WordPress.

Real Estate Investing Websites and Leads

Throughout the podcasts, Danny gives reasons why real estate investing websites generate leads and build the overall credibility of the firm. He points out that other marketing methods are very tedious and are at most time-consuming.

He cites that direct mail, which is a popular choice for most people, takes an enormous period and it’s quite expensive to start and maintain.

The positive value that your website brings is seen in the offline capability it has. You can actually get leads while you are dead asleep. Hence, you earn while you are practically inactive. These leads get sent to your personal or business email.

But also Danny points out that having real estate investing websites is not all that it takes. Leads do not just come automatically. You inevitably have to advertise them and put them on marketing pieces. Search Engine Optimization also follows whereby, in order to be successful, your site has to rank highly on popular search engines.

Get One If You Are Flipping Houses

Danny shares that if you’re in the house flipping business, getting a real estate investing website is paramount. He intimates how it’s worked for him and how he can be of help to all who actually needs professional real estate investing websites.

Online Auctions

In episode 62, Danny interviews Paul Lizell, and they discuss how online auctions have greatly enhanced their work. Paul Lizell shares how he buys around 15 houses monthly from online auctions. Well, this goes on to show the value of real estate investing websites! However, Paul cautions investors in trying to buy auction houses online and then trying to resale them in wholesale. He says it might not be a good idea as you’ll be unable to assign them.

In episode 57, Danny delves into the matter of pay per click. Investors in real estate should use Google Adwords as soon as they set up a new website. He says that by far, this is the best way to generate leads for your real estate investing website.

Well, there are a lot of things to learn from the Flipping Junkie podcast. Make a point of listening to this great podcast today and see how you can capitalize on real estate investing websites and much more!

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