Flipping Junkie Podcast: For Those Addicted to Flipping Houses for Profit

If you look at any home improvement channel, whether it is HGTV, FYI, or DIY, you will find numerous shows that focus on flipping houses in one way or another. It shouldn’t be of much a surprise because there are a lot of houses out there that are sitting empty and look un-buyable. This is where Danny Johnson and his wife, Melissa, come in. These two have been flipping houses for the past ten years and have loved every moment of it.

Before this all started, Danny was once a software developer who, like the rest of us, got tired of being stuck “working for the man” and not having any control over his schedule. He wanted to be his own boss, and he decided that flipping houses was how he was going to do that.

Flipping Junkie: Flipping Houses for ProfitDanny is an inspiration and through is blog and podcast, Flipping Junkie (which can be found on iTunes), he provides incredible information that goes into detail about how he was able to achieve this newfound success.

In his blog posts, you’ll find information that details the steps he took to:

  • appeal to motivated sellers
  • to get close to 500 leads
  • how to analyze the deal
  • what kind of houses they bought
  • what they did to fix those houses up
  • how to sell the houses
  • And how much in profits were made on each sale?

If you’re looking to make it in the real estate world and gain your financial freedom by flipping houses, you won’t want to miss an episode of the Flipping Junkie podcast. Some of the categories he’s covered in the past include:

Funding with posts like:

  • Hard Money Lenders and What You Need to Know with Chris Jameson
  • Finding Private Lenders for Your Flips with Jason Bible

Team Building with posts like:

  • Actionable Tips for Beginner Real Estate Investors with Brandon Turner
  • How to Work with Virtual Assistants with Robert Nickell
  • How to Work with Real Estate Agents with Matt Theriault

Making Choices with posts like:

  • Should You Get a Real Estate License?

Foundation with posts like:

  • How Much Do You Need to Know Before Taking Action with Andy McFarland
  • 5 Steps to Setting and Actually Achieving Goals with Marcus Maloney

So, as you can see, Danny touches on a wide variety of topics and has some notable names in the industry speaking on his show. What’s helpful with the Flipping Junkie podcast is that unlike other podcasts where there is a ton of information jam packed in a 30 minute or less episode, most of Danny’s shows run between 45 minutes to an hour in length. That can be a relief because sometimes you can feel like there isn’t enough time for the show to cover all of the questions you have.

If you’re looking to get started in the exciting world of flipping houses and you want to get insider tips on how to go about doing it, Danny Johnson and his podcast, Flipping Junkie (which has a 5-star rating among users on iTunes!), is your best bet!

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