Breakthrough Real Estate Investing Podcast Review – Real Estate Sales Training

Breakthrough Real Estate Investing Podcast Review

If you aspire to be a salesperson in real estate, then real estate sales training is a good place to start. The key to success in real estate highly depends on the knowledge that one has of the sector. The only sure way to acquire profound knowledge is through learning and training. The best real estate practitioners can all allude to the immense value that real estate training has a career in the sector.

The Breakthrough Real Estate Investing Podcast intimates some vital real estate sales training tips. The host, Rob Break, has made great strides in the word of real estate. He boasts of being a successful wholesaler. He shares his experiences in this podcast.

Real Estate Sales Training – Balancing your Life while Launching a Business

In episode 59 of the podcast, a vital real estate sales training tip is discussed. Natasha Cultraro is the guest, and the main topic of discussion is balancing your life while launching a business. Natasha has over 10 years’ experience in real estate investing. She has also managed residential properties for the same period. The interview with Natasha was quite fruitful. Here’s what Natasha shared:

  • The importance of having a business vision. A vision serves as a guiding factor and influence to action in business. It gives purpose to activities carried out.
  • Finding a balance between work and life. The key focus is that humans are all round beings who need to enrich their lives. Your business should not take over your personal and social life.
  • Management of rental properties. Natasha gives practical experience from her own
  • The proper mindset for success in the real estate sector. She relates that having a positive mindset is crucial for success even in real estate sales.

Real Estate Sales Training – Pitching Ideas

In episode 50, Kate Babkova was the guest. She is a full-time real estate investor. She gives practical advice that is applicable to sales. She shares the top secrets of overcoming objections when a salesperson is pitching ideas to prospects. She focuses on joint venture partners as her main prospects in her submission. Kate also talks about the aspect of setting goals. Anyone in real estate including those involved in sales ought to set goals that are achievable. She gives the SMART way of setting goals.

Maximizing Cashflow

In episode 29, Ryan Carr is interviewed. He shares vital tips on real estate sales training. Ryan supports the notion that real estate sales training should be undertaken when one is still young. He further endorses getting into actual real estate investing while one is still young. He also gives the best strategies that could be used to maximize cash flow.

Wholesale Real Estate Sales

In episode 26, Rob shares the Ins and outs of the wholesale real estate. A practical sales tip that he gives knowing what to look for when considering a potential deal. He emphasizes on knowing how to ask the right questions in real estate dealings.

The Breakthrough real estate investing podcast indeed has some great insight on real estate sales training. Listen to it to gain more insight.

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