Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever Podcast Review

JF 581 Kevin Ramirez, He’s 22 and Has Completed over 40 Flips! By Joe Fairless. Joe Fairless podcast show is among the highly rated shows in Itunes. Mr. Joe is an entrepreneur and real estate investor, whose shows are solely focused on successful talks from real estate professionals that bring out their best advice and the loses and wins they have experienced in their lifetime.

In this particular show, the guest speaker was a young professional, aged 22 years, who began his career back while he was 19 years of age. Wow, wish at 19 I had such great brains. This is none other than Kevin Ramirez, an investor who at the age of 19, did his first deal and has ever since flipped 40 properties. If you think he has it all figured out, well you certainly not an investor. Kevin currently aims at getting more than 100 leads every week, and then pursues them to see if the audience is interested in selling. Craigslist is currently his best pal, where he gets to post ads and also hit the pavement to find houses that he eventually hopes they will turn into leads.

Kevin background is incredible and a motivation to all who are listening. He graduated high school and read books like Rich dad, Poor Dad, The Intelligent Investor that motivated him to become an entrepreneur. College he went ahead into doing real estate courses, then ventured into marketing and generating leads. So how did he raise the money at 19 years old? Kevin gives an interesting story on how he joint ventured with people to do the rehab and how it was structured. On landing a deal, he would become resilient and reach out to all kinds of people including teachers and family friends to see if they would be involved in the process with him.

When you are overseeing a team but you are not the one paying them, how do you ensure that works perfectly? Find out how Kevin Ramirez maneuvered through this tricky situation and still ensured there is no disconnect. The second rehab, and among his most exciting ones, that Kevin got his hands on was a success. He talks about the budget for the whole project, its profits, and duration.

The importance of having a character in the real estate investing business.Find out the foundational parts, that is, the brain behind this successful lad. Which approach did Kevin result to when approaching prospective customers and how he finds them?Learn to work with people that are willing to put in the effort to see that deal succeed. According to Kevin, getting the money that he needed always seemed to be the easy part, for he would be presenting an opportunity for a partnership which created all the difference for him. Kevin story is quite challenging, and a motivation for someone who may be thinking it’s too early to venture into real estate investing.

No offense Joe but lighten up the mood in your podcast. You too serious, even though your content is very educative and challenging too. But all work with no play makes Jack a dull boy. Have fun in the show, giggle a little, and incorporate jokes.

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