8 Ways Peaceful Home Décor and Bring You Inner Peace

There are some design choices when you decorate your home that can feel a little cliché. You don’t have to go all Zen and decorate your home with the trappings you’d find in a spa or in a Buddhist temple. Instead, here are some peaceful home décor ideas that can help you relax and feel calm without breaking the bank or being a cliché.

Choose calming colors

Color is the best way to give your home a sense of tranquility, and you can do this easily and affordably by painting the walls. Blues and greens are ideal shades because they are relaxing to your eye. You can also choose a neutral color like grey, browns, and light shades with pops of color to add a bit of Zen to your home.

Pick peaceful plants

You don’t have to deck your house with orchids to get a bit of peace and serenity. You can choose roses, which are known to have positive effects on the heart and circulatory system. You can also use Peace Lilies to help filter out any harmful toxins in your home.

Accessorize harmoniously

Even if you are the messy type, you can do some accessories to bring you some peace. The key to peaceful home décor is the small details like matching hangers or coordinating vases on your shelves. Beautiful accessories can help calm your nerves and brighten your spirits.

Add some floor pillows

Comfortable floor pillows are a Zen accessory, but you can’t deny how comfortable and inviting they are! They key here is to find pillows that offer a tailored look instead of something that you’d find in a dorm room. Choose colors to match the rest of your peaceful home décor and you’ll be golden!

Swap out harsh lighting

While intense bulbs overhead can light your home, they are far from peaceful. Instead of relying on these overhead fixtures, choose table lamps, floor lamps, and maybe even hanging fixtures. Choose several hanging lights with softer bulbs to create ample lighting but still be pleasing to the eye.

Think about symmetry

Symmetry plays an important role in peaceful home décor. When things are balanced, homeowners will feel calm and even orderly. You can do this by placing a large sofa in the living room with two accent chairs on the opposite side of the coffee table. If your living room is smaller, use a love seat and floor pillows to achieve the same look.

Brighten up your entryway

Peaceful home décor almost always includes a calming entryway. You can do this by decluttering your entryway and define the space with accessories that make you feel happy and welcome. Some examples include a welcome mat, hooks, a plant, and a small table with a pretty tray or bowl for your keys.

Choose neutral flooring

When it comes to peaceful home décor, you don’t want to forget the floor! Nothing can top a hardwood floor, but sometimes it isn’t always in your budget. You can choose laminate for a cheaper option. Also, if you prefer carpeting, choose a neutral color so it won’t detract from the rest of your décor choices.

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