5 Ways to Lure Interested Buyers to Your Home’s Listing

Interested BuyersAs you are preparing your listing, the main goal is to attract as many interested buyers as possible, right? So, it would make a whole lot more sense to create a listing that is a magnet for these interested buyers? Sometimes, the very thing that is standing in a home owner’s way of getting the right people to see their home and invariably making their home sit on the market for far too long is by having a lackluster listing. Here are 5 ways that you can attract interested buyers and land the deal.

1. Use Specifics

When you are talking about your property, you’ll want to use descriptive words that will appeal to interested buyers that are looking through real estate listings. You can use words like “granite” and “marble” when you’re discussing countertops. If you’ve got a fireplace, don’t hesitate to say that it is a “wood-burning” fireplace. If your kitchen is updated, describe it as being a “gourmet” kitchen.

2. Be Open

You should always be upfront when you are listing your home. Interested buyers won’t want to pick apart a listing just to find out what part of the city it is in, or what type of home the listing is for. Your listing should always start off with the important stuff like “single-family home,” “detached,” or “semi-attached.” Tell buyers what the neighborhood is and include the actual street address at the end of your listing.

3. Always Use Proper Grammar

If you are listing your home by yourself, you will always want to use proper English and grammar. Spell-check is your best friend. Google and those other search engines have gotten so ahead of the game that they will curry favor to the listings with proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Oh, and don’t use all caps, or it will be labeled as spam.

4. Highlight Recent Improvements

One thing to get interested buyers clamoring to your listing is when you list it as “move-in ready.” This lets people know that your home has been renovated, and the large ticket renovation costs have been taken care of. These sort of renovations include (but not limited to) updated kitchens and bathrooms, hardwood floor, and new roof or new appliances.

5. Be a Forward Thinker

Basements used to be these dingy rooms downstairs that had exposed cinderblocks and insulation. They weren’t the favorite place for people to be in. However, as someone who is looking to sell their home, it might behoove you to turn that basement into extra livable space. If this has already been done, use it to your advantage! List your home and highlight the basement. Words interested buyers are looking for include, “lower-level recreational space,” “full bath,” “extra living space for renters.” You can also highlight that it is private by using words like “private entrance,” or “walk out.”

If you’re still a little uneasy about how to market your home, you could always check out the comparable homes in your area and see their listings. They may give you some inspiration to create a great listing that interested buyers would be interested in seeing.

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