What 5 Features You Should Focus on When Selling Your House

If you are thinking about selling your house within the next few years, you are in an interesting time because Millennials are now entering the housing market. These young buyers are interested in buying homes that are spacious, about 2,000 to 2,600 square feet. It would be a great idea to focus on these five features.

1. A deck in the backyard.

When you want to appeal to buyers, you’re going to have to make some improvements and one of the biggest complaints millennials have when a seemingly perfect house doesn’t have a deck in the backyard. Before you think about selling your house, you should upgrade or fix up your existing deck. Depending on your budget, you can use pressure-treated pine or composite decking materials. Most homeowners prefer the composite because it is equally as beautiful as wood, but it doesn’t require the same maintenance as wood.

2.“Gourmet” kitchen upgrades.

If you really want to get the most bang for your buck when you’re selling your house, you can’t go wrong with upgrading your kitchen. Many millennials are looking for a gourmet kitchen, but not everyone really knows what that is. If you’re one of these folks, here’s the most common features young homebuyers are looking for in their “ideal” kitchen.

  • Stainless steel appliances
  • Stone (marble, granite, or even quartz) countertops
  • Subway tiles
  • Gas ranges
  • Double ovens
  • A high-end refrigerator
  • Big pantry and plenty of cabinet space

3. Have an open floor plan.

If your home already has an open floor plan, you’re in luck. Almost half of the people who are looking to purchase a new home want to be able to entertain, cook, and keep an eye on the kids from anywhere in the main living areas (kitchen, dining room, and living room). Not only are open floor plans ideal for entertaining, but they allow for more light to come in, and it makes the whole space look bright and inviting. If you don’t have an open floor plan, it may not be that expensive to remove a few walls. You’ll want to get a contractor to see if the wall you want to remove is load bearing or not. If it is, you’ll need to spend some money to keep your house from caving in on itself!

4. Having a balcony overlooking a beautiful scenery.

If you are able to go on your balcony and see something other than inside someone else’s bedroom or a busy highway, you can be sure that at least 60% of young buyers will be attracted to your home. If your balcony has the view but isn’t pretty or inviting, you can change that by adding flower boxes, have a welcoming sitting area, and maybe even add a nice outdoor rug.

5. Have a garden for vegetables.

To live a healthier lifestyle, you can appeal to more buyers by creating a vegetable garden, or at least having ample space where they can plant their own. When you are selling your house, you’re going to want to think about your potential buyers and anticipate what they will probably want, and when you at least show them a space for that garden, your home looks that much more appealing.

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